Jeff Perlis is a business consultant & seminar producer, as well as a Real Estate Broker in Lake Arrowhead, CA.

Control Your Destiny...

Jeff Perlis set out to find his destiny...
What he discovered was a life with no limits.

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Jeff Perlis, Control Your DestinyJeff was just 18 at the time, adventuresome, full of energy and eager to declare his own independence after growing up in a small conservative Pennsylvania town. So on the advice of a friend, he bought a bike and asked his girlfriend if she wanted to ride across the United States with him. When she agreed, to his surprise, he hit the road and never looked back.

For Jeff, it truly was the road less traveled. Indeed, not many people would have the courage to leave behind their friends, family and the security of the only town they'd ever called home. But for Jeff, it not only turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime, but a journey of self-discovery that changed his life forever.

A Love of Helping Others

From Mardi Gras in New Orleans to "The Farm" commune in Tennessee to the Golden Gate Bridge in California, Jeff spent the next year working his way across the country seeing and experiencing places and events most people only read about. But more importantly, Jeff also discovered along the way the self-reliance, drive and discipline that would become his future keys to success. "The trip showed me I could tackle any challenge in life," says Jeff looking back. "It taught me that I really could control my destiny and determine what my future would hold."

A Passion for Helping Others

Jeff's personal drive, determination and spirit of independence have allowed him to excel both personally and professionally. By 21, he had purchased his first home and opened up his very own business. At 26, he started his own management consulting company.

The Best of Both Worlds

From consulting to training to teaching, Jeff found inspiration in helping people achieve their true potential in life. After moving to Lake Arrowhead, he channeled his passion for helping others and his creative problem solving skills into a rewarding career in real estate. It was a career that allowed him to use his extensive business knowledge, insite and experience in a very personal, hands-on manner to help people make the most of their real estate opportunities. It proved to be the best of both worlds, and just two years later, he founded Prime Properties, which has since become one of the leading independent real estate companies in the Lake Arrowhead market.

Making Sound Decisions

Whether you're buying or selling a primary residence, a vacation home or an investment property, you can depend on Jeff to help you make a sound decision. Since 1990, he's built his reputation as a leading broker by empowering the people who put their trust in him. By carefully listening to your goals, Jeff will present you with a customized strategy that will allow you to achieve the specific results you're after.

So when you're ready to make your next home purchase or sale in Lake Arrowhead, don't settle for business as usual. Control your destiny and call Jeff Perlis today. Fiercely independent, driven to succeed, and dedicated to helping others reach their goals, you can count on Jeff to make your real estate experience a complete success.